Friday, July 31, 2009


The view out the bus window was actually very beautiful, and it was hard to imagine the devastation that had taken place here in La Union just a year ago. This map shows the parts of the area that are still considered unstable. Many people will not be going back to their homes, for fear that the instability of the area is just too risky.
Here is the school we visited. There is a possibility that we may use this building to do an eyeglass clinic. There is a week in June when all the schools are out, and Pastor Jasinto thinks that might be an ideal time for the eyeglass clinic.
The square of the town had a very quaint feel to it. I had fun with a couple kids there putting hand sanitizer on their hands! They kept saying how good it smelled!

On Saturday, July 25, up, up, up we drove into the mountains to visit the town of La Union, where a tropical depression caused mudslides, washouts, and tremendous devastation. More than 20 people were killed, and many lost their homes and/or all their possessions. When we reached a certain point, the road was still washed out. We had to walk across a small makeshift bridge. This is the area where the coffee that we buy grows. There is still the growing of the coffee, but the processing plants have been moved to the nearby town of Chiquimula.